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What feeds your hunger... A short erotic story.

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Stepping outside, she lifted her hand to shade her eyes from the glare of the mid morning sun. It was already warm and she watched as the cameras were tested and the screens were placed to reflect light for the photos that would soon be taken for her latest nude photo shoot. She had been working as a nude teen model for a little under a year and this was her third modeling assignment for metart but today she would be modeling with one of her friends as well as doing a set of single girl nude photos. Attending photo sessions with other girls and staying together while working on location brought the girls together like a big family and they always got on so well that things just seem to happen and the shoots always went well. She felt her nipples harden as she thought of her special girlfriend. She had a beautiful body. Her hair was long and flowing and her eyes were a brilliant color that seemed to sparkle as she looked at you. Framing her stunning face, her hair curled down past her perfectly formed luscious lips past her elegant chin and onto her shoulders. She had a slender body that was perfectly in proportion. Her breasts were sized to fit nicely into a hand as she had discovered on a previous shoot and her puffy nipples protruded from slightly upturned breasts that glowed from the tan received while she had posed nude. Imagining her friend in front of her, she cast her eyes down her body taking in her curving form at a glance. Her eyes past her small and perfectly formed belly button before descending further to the gorgeous cleft between her legs. Her pussy was usually clean shaven as it was now and her lips puffed slightly inviting further investigation.
She could make out the tiny bud of her clit as it just poked out above her lips and with a rush she felt herself become wet as her imagination flared and she imagined her friend touching her as she had in a previous photo session. Her nipples hardened under her thin cotton top and she knew they would be standing proud and obvious to anyone who looked her way. That was fine she thought. She was getting herself in the mood for the coming nude shoot and her breasts would look all the nicer if her nipples were erect and she had an air of wanton abandonment about her. She went back to her friend in her mind and looked at her body again. She was staring back at her, standing close enough to touch, smiling slightly as though she knew the thoughts racing through her head. Strange she thought, that her friend was naked while she was clothed and then glancing down she saw with surprise that she was naked as well. She saw her body with her minds eye as though looking in a mirror. Her hair was light brown going to gold but again this depended upon the light she was seen in. Sometimes her hair appeared dark against her golden skin. Her eyes were a tawny brown color that seemed to change color depending on whether she was in the sun or shade. Her succulent lips were parted in expectation of a kiss. Lowering her eyes she saw her creamy white breasts and felt her pure pink nipples harden further as she saw them protruding from her breasts. Looking further down, her eyes slid past her slim flat waist to her thighs. She saw the way they curved in towards her own pussy, which had a light covering of fine downy hair, almost invisible in direct light. With a shock she saw how wet she was. A glistening line appeared from between her lips and her clit was prominent and very visible poking out as though eager to be touched. Suddenly her head tilted up as her friend placed a hand under her chin. She leaned in and kissed her tenderly on the lips, curling a hand around her back pulling her up out of her chair to draw her in close making the kiss more passionate. She heard a 'click' and saw a flash against her closed eyes and realised that someone was taking their picture but she oblivious to everything but the feelings brought on by the kiss and touch of her secret lover. She felt her body tight against her friends as she enjoyed the embrace and as her legs parted slightly she felt her friends leg slide between hers, until a thigh was tight against her pussy pressing her clit into her lips and allowing the moisture to flow more easily out of her pussy, which was now sopping wet. She gave a slight moan and leaned into her friends thigh grinding her pussy and rubbing her engorged clit against it as she became intensely aware of just how close she was to having a full on orgasm. She felt rather than saw a hand slide around her waist and up onto her breast, where an expectant and eager nipple awaited the tender touch of her friends hand.
Her breast was massaged as the hand alighted and her nipple received a gentle tweak as it was taken between thumb and forefinger, gently being rolled back and forth and being pinched lightly. Her friend broke away from the kiss and lowering her head she kissed her breast then sucked on a nipple while her other hand took a controlling hold of her other breast. Sensations flooded her body and she felt her clit throbbing with wanton expectation as the lips brushed first across one nipple and then the other, before she felt the rasping feel of a tongue running over the tip of an erect nipple. Long hair stroked her belly with each move of her friends head and she felt herself losing control. She allowed herself to fully enjoy the sensations coursing through her body as she finally surrendered and she raised her arm and placed it over her friends back, stroking her hair. Sub-consciously she had used her arm to push down and taking her lead, her friends head slid down her body kissing and licking her smooth white skin as she went.

View more of these beautiful teen nudes 

View more of these beautiful teen nudes 

View more of these beautiful teen nudes 

Finally kneeling before her, her friend reached up and around, placing her hands on her buttocks. Pulling her close, she buried her face into her cleft and kissed her just above her pussy lips. She stood there held tight by her lovers embrace feeling the kisses as though in a dream and feeling her own sensations going wild with lust and longing. Wanting her lover to go lower and scared of the sensations that such a move would bring on. She was close to orgasm already and any touch now would take her to a shattering orgasm of the kind rarely known except between new lovers enjoying each others bodies for the first time. Her hands were resting on her friends head stroking her hair and she pushed gently guiding her to her hole, steering her lips to her clit. She felt a tongue slide between her lips and up across her clit and almost collapsed from the feelings that exploded out of her. The tongue licked around and over her clit and down into her dark wet slit followed by kissing lips and more licking. Her legs were parted wider by her friends arms coming up between her thighs and she stepped wide to allow full and unfettered access to her pussy. The tongue slid over her wildly throbbing clit as a finger slid deep inside her and she came instantly, shuddering as the feelings of an incredible orgasm washed over her leaving her weak legged and moaning loudly. A thrust and a suck and she was coming again and this time the feelings continued for what seemed forever as her passionate, skilled lover slid her fingers in and out of her slick pussy while her tongue worked against her clit and pussy lips. Gasping for breath and on the edge of collapsing, she didn't think she could take much more but her friend was persistent and she soon felt herself building to another intense climax and this time she felt herself falling completely out of control and unaware of anything but the orgasm that consumed her. "Are you alright?" she heard through a haze of emotions that still consumed her.

View more of these beautiful teen nudes

View more of these beautiful teen nudes

She slowly opened her eyes to see her friend standing before her in a light blouse and bikini bottom with a towel bag draped across her shoulder. "Wow you were miles away, I said hello twice" her friend said. I couldn't breath. Shocked I realised that everything that had just happened, had been a day dream. I had orgasmed from a day dream! Looking quickly around, no one seemed to have noticed anything. People were around but they were concentrating on the cameras and scenery. What had happened to me had all been a dream! I looked at my friend, smiled and excused myself while I went to the wash room. Standing before the mirror I washed my face and straightened my top before stepping outside again. She was sitting at the table waiting for me and as I sat down, she smiled at me and said "Your eyes were closed as I came up, I thought you were asleep except for your face.
 I have never seen anyone look so lost in passion before." I looked at her feeling myself color up and as I blushed I saw a knowing look in her eyes. Leaning close she said " Its ok, I know. You don't look like that unless your having an intense orgasm. No one else saw you and I didn't want to interrupt you as I sat down, so I just watched instead." I blushed again unsure of what to say. She said "Lets talk later... in private". She smiled at me and I could have sworn she really knew what my dream had been about. A call from the photographer told us they were ready and it was time to begin. We stood and as we walked from the table she said "You tasted delightful". She kissed me on the lips and removed her top with a smile before walking across to the set. I stood shocked by her statement unsure of what to say or do. She turned to me smiling and said " Come on sleepy head we can talk later, lets get started". Smiling in return and unsure of her meaning I moved across to join her vaguely remembering something she once mentioned about being able to read peoples emotions. My emotions must have been as obvious as a story. Then she leaned in smiling and said. "Next time you enjoy a wet dream it might be an idea not to call out my name as you cum, but I'm glad you chose me". She smiled again as she kissed my cheek once more and looking at me with longing she stepped in front of the camera.

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